At Kristian Olsen, we believe that true beauty comes from within you, which is why we design all our frames to lift and accent your inner beauty to help bring your personality out into the world.

Our name has become synonymous with quality—and there’s a reason why.

After 20 years building our name in the business, we know what people love—and what they don’t. With this incredible expertise in mind, we set out to design the most compelling and engaging eyewear available—under our new name, ‘Kristian Olsen’. For those who truly want to protect their eyes—all the while exuding an infallible sense of style—Kristian Olsen.

Kristian Olsen harks back to the roots of desire and taste. The name itself, Kristian, means voice, or more literally, ‘of the anointed’, while Olsen means, ‘of old’. While the Kristian Olsen brand seeks to lead the way into fashion future, we know that the glasses we have crafted speak volumes of the timeless style within them.


At Kristian Olsen, we’re inspired by all the happening trends across the world every single day. Our designs span the last 60 years of syle, from retro to ultra-modern, whether you’re looking for a polarized lens or a custom optical lens.

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